Wednesday, November 16, 2011

What does conscience mean?

Today I learnt that conscience
is a feeling of what is right
and what is wrong.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Clean-up duties

During the holidays my family arranged clean-up duties. We never organised anything like that before, I think it was just a lesson for leaving the house like a rubbish dump.

Here we arranged our schedule. On Mondays and Fridays it's my turn to clean the house, on Tuesdays and Wednesdays it's my dad's turn and on, Thursdays and on weekend it's my mums turn. It can be a pain sometimes because I forget the clean-up duties.

I got out of bed and hurried to the kitchen. My eyes dropped to see the huge mess on the table, last night my family had visitors coming from Tonga to have dinner, they left the kitchen untidy and you know what the disgusting part was?. There were other left-overs from last week too. I put on gloves next got the bin and began shoving the left-overs into it.

Luckily dad came to the rescue and helped me clean. Finally me and my dad finished cleaning the house. "I'll bring the clip-board" (the clip-board is our list of areas we cleaned). Done,done and done. "Hi 5 dad" I shouted happily.

Mum came back from work. "Did you clean the house?" "yes" I said "good now clean the backyard tomorrow" "muuuuum!" I moaned "but it's not my day tomorrow it's dads day" "still you have to do it" mum said "awwwwwwh" I was annoyed, but I had to do it.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Maths reflection`

This week I was practicing solving addition and subtraction problems by adding and subtracting tens and ones separately.

Here is an example.

138+146= (100+100) (30+40) (8+6)
138+146= (200)+(70)+(14)
138+146= 270+14= 284

Friday, August 5, 2011

A time at the movies

During the holidays my mum,auntie and I went to Sylvia Park. While Stacy(my auntie) and I looked around the shopping mall mum surprised us. She paid three tickets to see captain America in 3D. "YES!" we rejoiced zooming around like jets. As we arrived our movie wasn't ready so we had to sit and wait.

The movie was already setup. We paid for our tickets. We walked into the dark room, the steps were red glowing to guide us to our seats. I got to my seat, everyone were in their seats. The lights slowly disappeared commercials began. Finally the movie started. I was so excited.

I really enjoyed Captain America. I enjoyed the part when Chris evens(captain America) throw his shield and it felt like it attacked me. The movie finished “OW MEN” I moaned “can we see that again” I said “NO we’ll see another movie on Saturday” mum said. “YES” I jumped for joy. I can’t wait for next Saturday.

Swimming in a portable pool

My highlight at the portable pool was when we played a game called captain’s coming. My favourite move was the torpedo. We had to push against the side of the pool and zoom off to the other side. It was enjoyable. I can’t wait for the next swimming lesson.